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Hosted by Teresa Duncan and Kevin Henry

Aug 29, 2022

Talk about a bad apple. Thanks to one dental chain our industry has suffered another black mark. How do you handle patients who are angry and mistrustful? Delicately and with your own safety in mind. We then traveled from Indiana to California for what I thought was a timely story but I was duped! It was a recycled article but we still had a good time with it. Enjoy! 


This is what we want you to chew on:


  • A dental chain closes shop but keeps all the moolah. Not cool. 
  • Offices need to prepare for the possibility of workplace violence. It’s not overkill to have a disaster or armed shooter practice drill. Corporations and schools have them. Your employees are important. 
  • The CA prison system is getting rid of dentists and utilizing hygienists to treat inmates. (NOTE: this story had apparently been recycled on a site. It is NOT a current news story. Sorry I didn’t catch that earlier.)

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