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Hosted by Teresa Duncan and Kevin Henry

Oct 28, 2020

We started out talking about Walmart’s continued push into healthcare including Medicare Advantage Dental Plans. If the carriers are a bit concerned should dental offices pay closer attention to this trend? We then moved on to the ethical dilemma of reporting employers when shady shenanigans are happening. It’s not as cut as dry as it seems because there can be real financial repercussions for some. 


Episode 6 Highlights

  • Walmart enters the Medicare market
  • Walmart and dentistry 
  • DISC assessments
  • Goal are consistent with personality traits 
  • NY Dentist charged with forcibly touching a patient




  • “If this is them going after the stand alone independent market, I think they are going to make a killing.” 
  • “You can now get a colonoscopy from Walmart for $270 dollars.” 
  • “There is a 60 second personality test that I can use on anybody.”
  • “DISC is something I have gotten into more and more to see how dental professionals and us as friends and neighbors interact with each other.” 
  • “As a team member you have an obligation to a one strike and you're out policy when it comes to patient safety.”
  • A common fear: “If I turn this (person) in, I will lose my job.”
  • “I think it's important for us all to evaluate what our breaking point is.” 
  • “If you are seeing things happen over and over again, at what point are you complicit?”

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