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Hosted by Teresa Duncan and Kevin Henry

Dec 22, 2021

Do we really need to be as busy as we used to be? We tackle that question in light of some new stats from the ADA’s Health Policy Institute. Confusion was in the air while discussing a clinic who laid off half their staff. Why would they do that? What employee would come back after that? Compliance and audits were next up on the agenda. If we have no examiners or auditors then who will catch the really rotten dentists out there? Maybe it’s DSO investors who will foot that bill. Listen along and find out! 


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We gave a webinar on December 15th to help you out with your 2022 planning. We were blown away by the response. No more just waiting for things to happen TO YOU. It’s clear that you all want to get ahead of any issues before they snowball into big problems. That’s what we’re here for (all jokes aside!). You can catch the replay now:


👉👉 Watch the REPLAY of our Chew On 2022 Trends webinar!


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