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Hosted by Teresa Duncan and Kevin Henry

Nov 11, 2020

It’s not a great visualization but we make it work. Kevin spent time exploring TikTok fads and discovered crazy things people do to take care of their teeth. Teresa is following a story about a dentist who is faced with protecting her office and boy, is she in a rough situation. Then we wrap it up by talking about people who should just show up for their interviews. Why is that so difficult?


Episode 7 Highlights

  • Hot from TikTok: New Dental Flossing Technique
  • Do you close your office to save your employees?
  • Hiring and interviewing - the struggle is real 




  • Quote from an Los Angeles office: “It’s just become a scary situation, they were defecating, urinating but now it has become violent.”
  • Quote from an Los Angeles office: “I saw the camps grow almost every day I went down there.”
  • “As an employer, it is on you to provide a safe working environment.”
  • “Managers this is what we do - we take care of our people.”
  • “We both saw the lack of talent coming 2-3 years ago.”
  • “In 20 years of management I have hired 100s of people.”
  • “People don’t show up or they lie… but we need to put on our big girl panties and get better at it [interviewing]”
  • “My two best hires came from outside the dental industry.” 

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