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Hosted by Teresa Duncan and Kevin Henry

Sep 16, 2020

Episode 3 Highlights

  • Emergency Board Meeting of the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners 
  • World Health Organization Statement
  • Effects of COVID-19 for those with Periodontal Disease
  • Kansas: Assistants scaling below the gum line
  • Chicago MidWinter goes virtual for 2021



  • “You should probably know if your State Dental Board is active or not” 
  • “COVID gives providers more opportunity to have conversations about the Oral Systemic Link”
  • “We can’t be afraid as an industry to say ’this is what you need to know and why’”
  • “Covid has been the best excuse for the dental industry: - use it to set up great systems!
  • “If you are an assistant, or dentist listening to this, you should know that is an important resource”




Texas State Board decisions:$ext.RegPage?sl=R&app=1&p_dir=&p_rloc=380950&p_tloc=&p_ploc=&pg=1&p_reg=380950&ti=22&pt=5&ch=108&rl=7&issue=09/04/2020&z_chk=

COVID lawsuit link:

ADA responds to the WHO’s statement on postponing routine dental care: