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Hosted by Teresa Duncan and Kevin Henry

Oct 14, 2020

Seth Lookhart aka The Hoverboard Dentist is sentenced for violations ranging from Medicaid fraud and organ harvesting. What?? He’s not just a doc on a board - there’s more. We also discuss the fines levied against a doctor who was alleged to not do enough to protect employees. How could they have avoided this? Have you ever planned criminal behavior over text messages? One day we may do a dramatic reading of them. Stay tuned! 


Episode 5 Highlights

  • Violation of Coronavirus Safety Guidelines lawsuit
  • Hoverboard dentist court case




  • This doctor “was fined nearly $10,000 for violating Coronavirus safety guidelines”
  • “OSHA was set up to protect the employee” 
  • “I hope they went to management, and didn’t go straight to OSHA”
  • “My job as a manager is to protect you” 
  • “The stakes are higher, you have employees that are legitimately scared”
  • “I am still amazed how many people don’t get OSHA or HIPAA training” 
  • Regarding the hoverboard dentist court documents: “It is one of the most egregious Medicaid fraud cases I have had the pleasure of going through” 
  • “They did this to themselves - iit was so blatant and obvious” 
  • “They were leaving patients under sedation longer than was necessary because they wanted to bill that extra 15 minute increment” 
  • “Judge said ‘you darn near could have killed people’” 
  • “Moral of today’s stories: don’t be a bad person” 
  • Another motto: “Get up in the morning…try not to kill anyone"

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