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Hosted by Teresa Duncan and Kevin Henry

Sep 2, 2020

Ep 2

In this alliterative episode Kevin brings up a recent court case brought against a dental office for not providing proper PPE. It was a matter of time before the cases started to show up. What could this mean for future litigation? Teresa is concerned about city flight and what that does to urban practices. How do you build up your numbers when your patients don’t work or live near your office? These are definitely interesting times. 

Episode 2 Highlights

  • Dentists vs. Hygienists on PPE
  • Pricing Transparency 
  • Patient Populations Drying Up in Cities


  • “They were allegedly pushed out of their jobs because of the concerns they raised” 
  • “I think it boils down to what is considered reasonable PPE”
  • “There are a lot of guidelines in place that employers should be following” 
  • “It’s not just the clinical team, managers I know are walking from their jobs” 
  • “Our country is litigation happy…that's for sure” 
  • “If something happens to your manager are you going to be able to step in?”
  • “We are learning now how important leadership and communication are”
  • “If you are an assistant, you are gold out there” 
  • “Most managers could take a course every year in conflict resolution and learn something” 
  • “You have to fight for your right to have your opinions heard” 
  • “Make sure you are being as transparent as possible” 
  • “I think we deserve all of the money we charge” 

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