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Hosted by Teresa Duncan and Kevin Henry

Dec 9, 2020

As our titles get wackier, the content keeps flowing! These patient polls are coming at us from all sides. One of the latest stated that some Florida patients (specifically women) are willing to forgo using their insurance benefits to avoid going to the dentist. That’s not great for keeping the office busy. New Mexico also wasn't very helpful by ordering another shutdown. The silver lining is that maybe you were able to finish some projects and put together some protocols for the future. 


How do you feel about canceling your holiday party and having a “Christmas in July” celebration? You're not the only one! 2020 is all about adapting and making it work. Enjoy the episode!




Episode 9 Highlights

  • Non-covered services legislation
  • Covid-19 and shutdowns: round 2?
  • The Legend of Florida Man
  • Holiday parties and HR considerations
  • Colorado Rockies, tweeting ducks and Kevin's blog 




  • “Dentists cannot get together and discuss pricing  - that is called price fixing.”
  • “The majority of people worried about going back to the dentist were women.”
  • “When the females of the household decide they are not going to the dentist, that affects the whole family.”
  • “If someone says they do not have anything to do in a dental office they need to be fired immediately because there is always something to do.” (said sort of sarcastically!)
  • “Preventive screenings are huge. If you are not doing them you might not catch something until it's serious.” 
  • Regarding holiday gifts: “You're the guy that brought the twin pack of fart cushions.” 



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