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Hosted by Teresa Duncan and Kevin Henry

Sep 30, 2020

Episode 4 Highlights

  • Business Interruption Claims Denials
  • The Future of Trade Shows
  • World Health Organization announcement - did you talk to your patients about it? 
  • The ADA’s membership fee - is it worth it?




  • “You’ve got to read the fine print” 
  • On Dr. Brett Wells in Raleigh: “His office was destroyed by the rioters and I want to know if insurance covered it” 
  • “The lawyers are going to make bank with this virus”
  • “I think a lot of people are burned out on Zoom”
  • One of the trade show draws “is to see people and the equipment” 
  • On the International Dental Show, “Will I as an American be able to go?”
  • Will trade shows adopt a “Don’t touch this, but you can look” policy?
  • Teresa cries about how “CareCredit Pillow Pets are cut off”
  • “I have seen people empty the candy bowl into their bag…go to CVS and buy yourself a Snickers, you don’t have to steal!” 
  • Regarding the ADA’s role in the industry: “You need to have lobbyists or it’s like taking a knife to a gunfight” 


Link to business interruption insurance article:


CDA link about membership plans:




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