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Hosted by Teresa Duncan and Kevin Henry

Jun 9, 2021

An article came out recently that portrays dentists as pushy and treatment-happy. Once again a tiny minority gives a community a bad name. No worries though - we have a hometown hero dentist and a talented vocalist dentist to offset any bad reputation. Hope this one hits the high notes for you! 


  • “Let’s be honest 99% of the time if you are told you need a filling, you probably need a filling.”
  • “Did you know a lot of times whistleblowers will receive part of the settlement?”
  • “We enjoy reading about the practices that are doing things wrong… we enjoy the trainwreck.”
  • “There has not been a dentist in this county in two decades.”
  • Teresa: “If Dayna recorded you around the house what kind of deal would you get? Kevin: Not a good one.”
  • “You had me at Elvis themed.”

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