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Hosted by Teresa Duncan and Kevin Henry

May 26, 2021

Offices in WA state almost got some relief from PPE fees until reality set in. Pesky details are never a fun surprise. What would you do with $100K worth of dental equipment? We share the story of a thief who stole COVID vaccine vials along with dental equipment. Is a laser’s street value higher than an xray sensor? We pondered this along with the news that new dental schools are popping up soon.



  • “I think people are definitely hungry to get back in front of each other.” 
  • “Dentists who thought they had a good relationship with their supplier realized there was more they could have done to foster that relationship.”
  • “I wonder if he wanted to fill the empty vials, to sell them”
  • “He also stole $100,000 worth of medical supplies.”
  • “Check into a hotel for a night and steal their towels (instead), way easier!” 
  • “High Point University is opening a school of Dental Medicine and Oral Health.” 
  • “There are some dental assisting schools where the cost is so high ... it doesn’t make sense to spend that much.”
  • “Please do not buy your dental assistant over Ebay...that would be bad.” 

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