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Hosted by Teresa Duncan and Kevin Henry

May 12, 2021

Wildlife veterinary dentist is definitely an interesting career choice. One of us has a huge fear of ancient animals with teeth - guess which one! We also talk about a very strange study about oral surgeon Nazis. Just because you can study it doesn’t mean you always should. Finally we talk about how people tend to end conversations at different times which can make for some awkward patient conversations. 


  • “We’ve got a crocodile over here that needs to have 3 teeth removed, you up for that?” 
  • “You are going to look at a photo and your eyes are going to melt, it will be so white.” 
  • “We bring you stuff that you could put in your brain, but maybe you don’t want to.”
  • “It's not one demographic, it needs to be across the board where people see themselves.”
  • “How much Spanish is being taught in dental school.” 
  • “Did you know we are required to provide a translator.”
  • “We have to be open to looking at someone and reading their face.” 
  • “End the conversation by making the person feel good about the conversation.” 


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