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Hosted by Teresa Duncan and Kevin Henry

Apr 28, 2021

We opened up talking about a Minneapolis practice that has finally reopened after last year’s riots. Hats off to Dr. Ali Barbarawi for committing to his community when many businesses fled. We then shifted to talking about specialists and why it’s been a struggle for some of them. Could the decision by Delta to delay reductions signal an understanding that the struggle is real? Especially post-COVID.  


Episode Highlights

  • Chicago Lake Family Dental reopening
  • Postcards are back - maybe?
  • Unhappy specialists
  • Anesthesiologists are left behind 



  • “It is said it suffered 1 Million dollars of damage from the riots.” 
  • “Postcards are back as an effective form of marketing.” 
  • “These people were doing their everyday thing. You can’t protect everyone at all times.”
  • “It shook all of us here in Colorado.”
  • “It’s a grocery store, a movie theater a school, places you shouldn’t need to worry about.” 
  • “42% is a lot of people that are going to be leaving the Delta network.”


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