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Hosted by Teresa Duncan and Kevin Henry

Apr 14, 2021

EP 18: What If A Monkey Can’t Do Your Job? 

Working in a dental office is hard. New employees have to learn weird terminology, work with weird tools and handle weird patients. No wonder staffing is difficult. We talked about a report from that surveyed the industry about dentistry’s workplace. It has a ton of statistics for RDHs, assistants, dentists and administrative team members. Spoiler alert - we need more people to work in our offices. We need them soon. 

In this episode we talk about which states had the best wages and how COVID affected the work-life balance of most employees. Dental offices are stuck in this weird limbo where salaries and job descriptions don’t seem to mesh. We’re not sure how to fix it but we give our best ideas on the topic. 

We also talk about how nice the world would be if we could issue perio cards instead of vaccine cards. I’d dine in a no-perio zone - wouldn’t you? 

Episode Highlights

  • Our dads and sports commentary 
  • Survey: COVID-19 compounds dental staffing challenges

  • Front Office staff members bring income to the office: An Important Rant
  • Vaccine Card Perio Card


  • “There are dental and medical conditions that come along with certain ethnicities” 
  • “There was so much bubbling below the surface before covid.”
  • “Covid was the accelerator.” 
  • “ROLL TIDE… into Sweden.” 
  • “You have team issues because you hire the first person that shows up.” 
  • “I was much better at getting people to give me their money, than getting them to open wide.”
  • “I right now am in the choir saying PREACH.”
  • “PPE prices don’t look like they are coming down.” 

Resources from the show:

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