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Hosted by Teresa Duncan and Kevin Henry

Mar 31, 2021

We’re nervous about a possible upgrade to AirPods that involves chomping, squeezing and clucking. Aren’t you concerned after you read that? Other topics included continued pandemic court judgements that don’t favor dental businesses and also a quick Smile Direct Club update. Finally, we hope you enjoy our conversation about how some dental students are learning anatomy peppered with memories of our own cadaver capers. 

Episode Highlights

  • Controlling your AirPods with your teeth squeezing? 
  • Court rules pandemics don’t qualify as a business loss 
  • Plastic Preserved Cadavers for your learning pleasure
  • A win for SmileDirectClub


  • About AirPods: “There are people I know who if you tell them to click their teeth together, they are going to chomp!”
  • “What if there is someone going around squeezing others but they say they are just changing their podcast.”
  • Regarding loss: “A pandemic is not something structural which is really a shame, because that was a lot of income lost.”
  • Onto cadavers: “I can tell you the baby shark smell is horrible.”
  • “The plastic preserved heads don’t smell.”
  • “I’m washing all my clothes for this one stupid smelly cadaver cat outfit I had on.”

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