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Hosted by Teresa Duncan and Kevin Henry

Mar 3, 2021

We head to Europe for this edition (not really)! By pure coincidence (really!), we both chose stories from outside the good ole USA. Turns out dental anxiety isn’t really a thing in Sweden. Must be nice. And in Spain, if you thought you had a problem with patients not showing up for appointments then you haven’t seen anything like this new trend for European travelers. Grab your virtual passports and hop aboard!

Episode Highlights

  • Dental Anxiety in Sweden 
  • Irish Visiting Tenerife Island In Spain For Dental Care?



  • Swedes are amazing: “Nearly 81% of the respondents said they had absolutely no dental anxiety.” 
  • “Are they serving Swedish meatballs at the dental offices?”
  • “These generations have learned from one another the value of dentistry.” 
  • “Irish people are calling down and making appointments in Tenerife so they can get out of the country on a travel exemption.” 
  • “At least pay them for their time since they gave you an excuse!” 


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