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Hosted by Teresa Duncan and Kevin Henry

Feb 17, 2021

The very sad story of a 7 year old’s death during a procedure brings a spotlight on medical emergency training. All team members play a part when it goes south. Teresa walks through a sample scenario so you can apply it to your team. We then talk about health literacy - it’s not just reading level. It’s how your patients understand what the heck you’re telling them. Literacy includes hearing, reading, understanding and questioning your recommendations as well as your financial recommendations. This is a big concept in medical clinics that is bleeding over to ours (which is a good thing!). 

Episode Highlights

  • 7 Year Old Dies After Tooth Extraction Procedure 
  • Medical Emergency Training 
  • Health Literacy 
  • Sufficiently Suffonsified 



  • “There is documentation that needs to be done right after the event happens.” 
  • “I would call your malpractice attorney as soon as it happens, they do not want to find out about it later.”
  • “They are going to ask how often you trained for medical emergencies.” 
  • “The medical history should be printed out, because the EMT’s will want to see that.”
  • “Everyone should be trained, let’s be honest.” 
  • “The Dakota’s, they can read.” 
  • “Your ability to hear effects your ability to understand.” 
  • “Is there something else going on.”


Suffonsified is a real word. Commonly used by Kevin’s highbrow grandfather!

suffonsified (comparative more suffonsified, superlative most suffonsified)

  1. (Canada, informal, rare) Satisfied or satiated, particularly in appetite. quotations ▼

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