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Hosted by Teresa Duncan and Kevin Henry

Feb 3, 2021

A user on TikTok has a cheaper solution for flippers and chipped teeth. We bring you the pros and cons of this trend - with obviously way more cons. What noises annoy you the most? See where you rank on this scale and let us know if you have any other suggestions for this list. Finally we talk about how the industry is doing with respect to marketing and patient trends. We’d like to see marketing be more direct. Take off the kid gloves in case presentations!

Episode Highlights

  • A dramatic reading of the Hoverboard Dentist case is live now on the Nobody Told Me That Podcast
  • TikTok Instamorph replacing dentists?
  • 10 Most Annoying Noises 
  • State of the Dental Industry Report 
  • Changing Advertising’s Impact in Dentistry 


  • “Splash of this, dash of that, and voila you have white teeth. You lost your enamel, but your teeth are brilliantly white.” 
  • “Plastic in the mouth is not good for me.”
  • “With loud eating, your heartbeat goes up to 135 beats per minute.” 
  • “If I can hear your kiss, you are doing it wrong.” 
  • Teresa’s response to “‘Are you going to bill me today?’ No, I’m going to bill you right now.” 
  • “Teledentistry is still not a bread and butter part of the practice.” 
  • “The human spirit is strong, but still needs support.” 
  • Marketing idea: “Imagine if you put up an ad that says if you have really crappy gums, you may get erectile dysfunction.” Listen to those phones ring!


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Drbicuspid "Survey finds the most annoying sound has a dental connection"


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