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Hosted by Teresa Duncan and Kevin Henry

Jan 20, 2021

We went from news to bizarre in this episode. We succeeded in keeping our composure until almost the end but the influencer mom was too much. On a serious note, we discussed the first dentist giving COVID-19 vaccine (congratulations Dr. Thrower!) and what this means for other offices. We then went legal with discussion of the antitrust laws that have restricted dentists but not carriers. Finally, I regretted my decision to look up a TikTok influencer. 


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Episode Highlights

  • Dentists administering Covid-19 vaccine
  • Medical-dental office differences
  • McCarran-Ferguson Act
  • Collaborative E-Book 
  • Crazy Influencer Devil Mom
  • Kevin is getting a future son-in-law!



  • “Dr. Ryan Thrower became the first dentist to administer a Covid-19 vaccine."
  • "When you go to a medical office, often they are not as nice as dental offices."
  • "I talk to a lot of team members that came from medical, that are grateful dental is not medical." 
  • "In 2022 we may see some wild and funky plans."
  • "You don't know how well you can operate in the area, if you don't know the laws that govern you." 
  • "Reading it for 10 min would be a disservice, it takes 10 min just to read the opening." 
  • "An influencer that doesn't buys 10k of gifts for herself for Christmas, and doesn't buy anything for her children, what kind of rat is this?"
  • "To [her] British dental team out there, God bless you."
  • "The look on this dog’s face, this dog has seen some stuff." 


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