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Hosted by Teresa Duncan and Kevin Henry

Jan 6, 2021

Episode 11 Highlights

  • ADA’s update to its Code of Conduct regarding COVID-19 decisions
  • Unlicensed dentist charged with sexual assault 
  • Did cost factor into his popularity? 
  • Uptick in home remedies and tooth care - related? 
  • Alex Carico’s story: Santa’s 8 year old dentist!
  • Peeping bathroom bandit in an Aspen Dental office and why employees are suing
  • Don't skip the background check when hiring new employees!
  • How Teresa and Kevin came to the dental field




  • "We know that doctors took these (code of ethics) as guidelines, and blew right past them. Guidelines are just guidelines."
  • "I talked to dentists who said I'm going to do what's best for me because I am getting 10 different answers." 
  • "(Cancer patient Alex) got to be the lead dentist for Santa Claus." 
  • "I have seen real dental offices that look like imposture offices so I would love to see what an imposture office looks like." 
  • Regarding makeshift dental offices: "I know times are hard but if that is where I need to go to get dental work done, we have a problem."
  • Regarding the bathroom bandit: "I hope the lesson that comes out of this is that you need to know who you are hiring."
  • "Hiring for a heartbeat is never a good thing."

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